Workers Want Better Work-Life Balance

According to recent studies, as reported for The Washington Post on Tuesday, May 5, most workers around the world — especially younger Millenials — list “work-life balance” as their top career and job want or need. Employers continue to push individual workers into doing the work of two or more positions for less pay or without seeing any type of pay increase to match the work increase. These workers are also not receiving enough benefits in the form of leave time. Yet, the cost of living continues to increase everywhere.

The issue seems to stem from traditional versus modern work values. Traditionally, employers hire workers for on-site positions with shift-style schedules. Modern workers though have recognized that the Internet and mobile devices make it possible for them to work just as well off-site with more flexible hours. But, employers like Steve Murray are so grounded in the old work process that many are unable to bend when it comes to offering workers the types of positions they value most, while these more modern workers are unwilling to allow themselves to be pushed into traditional work scenarios.

As a result, many modern workers are choosing work options that do not benefit them career-wise over time because these alternatives give them greater work-life balance. With an increase in this type of behavior, more employers are finding it difficult to fill certain important positions in the workforce in every industry.

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