Women Management Expanding in Male-Centric Marketplaces

In more and more industries, women are proving their worth in the workplace. Just a few short years ago, it was unheard of for a woman to be in a position of management in a major corporation. Even though times have changed, in many cases, business is still an old boys club. But more and more, women are coming to the forefront, showing that their intellect and know how are valuable commodities in an ever-changing marketplace.

Women can no longer be considered trailblazers. Thanks to the increasing opportunities for women in all areas of business, more and more leadership roles are being taken by women. As women continue their march toward the equality, more and more businesses are experiencing the advantage of utilizing women in lead roles. What was once considered a pipe dream has now become a reality.

Many of the largest companies in America now have women in executive roles like Susan McGalla. According to many statistics, businesses that have women in key roles tend to do better as a business with women in those choice roles. While this is a telling statistic, in many cases, large business actuality has a stark shortage of women in leadership positions. According to some accounts, less than 3% of all startups have a woman on their executive staff. And of all the startups in America, less than 1% are startups that begin with women at the helm.

However, things are changing in the American business climate. More and more, women especially Susan McGalla are showing their worth and skill sets, not only proving their value and talent, but also driving enterprises to new levels of profit and productivity. These choice women usually come from an extensive business background and have used their experience and knowledge to gain a foothold in the corporate world.

Women like Susan McGalla have been proving their value in the business marketplace for years. McGalla has an extensive leadership history, having led some of the largest companies in America. At one point, McGalla held the title of president of American Eagle Outfitters, as well as the CEO of Wet Seal, a surf-centered clothing company. She currently serves as Director for Strategic Planning and Growth for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers organization. Her prior endeavors have led to continued growth and profitability for the companies she has served on.

McGalla is just one example of how women are taking the corporate world by storm. The continuing advances of women in the marketplace is and a sure indicator of future strides towards equality, growth, and overall corporate profitability.

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