Winning the HFM US Hedge Fund Award a Confirmation of Highland Capital Management’s Commitment to investing in the Healthcare Sector

The s Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management has won a series of awards for its outstanding performance in the industry. The company has made headlines in the recent wining of the HFM US based award in the 40 act category for its health care sector. The company has invested heavily in the health sector managing assets worth over $3 billion.

Traditionally, many investments firms did not have diverse products for a range of investment. The financial crises from struggling economy have changed the usual business for many investment firms. Currently their products are covering different sectors including the healthcare sector, real estate, and equity sales.

The Highland is the leading hedge firm in health care sector. The award didn’t come as a surprise but a confirmation of the company’s commitment to the Michael Gregory team. Michael is the head of health care investments and the company’s head of alternative investments. He is also the CIO for Highland.

The judges considered several factors for evaluation before deciding on the winner. The successful company had outdone its competitors in investor relations and manager pedigree. The judges also reviewed the five-year performance records of the enterprise.

The Highland capital management president Mr. James Dondero congratulated Michael and his team for making the company proud. He reiterated the company’s goals to achieve a wider platform for healthcare investments in the coming years. The Highland company has been operational since 1994 since its founding by Jim and mike Okada. The firm has taken advantage of emerging markets to expand outside the US boarders. With the latest additional in Brazil, the company is moving fast to grow its investment base past the current $ 21 billion.

Jim is a renowned entrepreneur from Dallas who has served in several senior positions in the finance industry. Since graduating from the University of Virginia where he specialized in accounting and finance, he worked in protective life firm. The firm is a subsidiary of GIC where Jim worked as the chief financial officer. Jim also worked with the American Express in the late 80’s where he grew the company’s assets to $ 1 billion. Currently, he is also the president of Nexpoint bank and the chair of cornerstone health care.

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