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No investor wants to hear the term “trade war” resurface in the market, having some experience or knowledge of the negative impacts the situation made on America’s economy in 1930. Almost 90 years have passed since the Great Depression, yet the situation is very fresh in the minds of many.

After Donald Trump announced the new trade tariffs with China, the factors that contributed to the Great Depression seem to the surfacing once again. The tariff is proposed to be almost $100 billion in various customs duties. China could not keep quiet on such an issue and responded with its own retaliatory measures.

Although these tariffs have not been implemented yet, it is the core concern of many current investors. However, his economic trade fever should not bring much worry to you since you have access to a financial partner to help protect you against risks, educate you on other investment strategies, and help you create personalized financial strategies. HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, can help you sail through this trade war by giving helpful advice and financial planning.

The tariff may not affect much the US GDP. At most, it will affect 0.5% which actually is very little. Nevertheless, the long-term repercussion of the step may not be very tiny as it may lead the economy back to a 1930s trade war which is definitely an undesirable situation. The worst thing, especially to investors, is the uncertainties created by this tariff matter. The faster the negotiations commence, the better for the investors so as to know the fate of imports and exports.

Keep in mind that no one can be completely unaffected transition. HCR Wealth Advisors has helped many clients when it comes to the uncertainty of financial markets, especially investors, and has helped them develop a sound strategy so as to ensure they have a brighter financial and investment future. The investment firm is well-equipped to face and overcome challenges even in the face of current trade wars.

HCR Wealth Advisors advice to investors concerning this situation is not to be derailed from their objectives and goals concerning their long-term investments by this short-term volatility in stock prices, which is a result of negative headlines being published.

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