Why it is Important To Have Quality Customer Care

Customers are the lifeline of a business— without them, you close down the doors. Quality customer service is not something fully understood by many companies. That’s why you find that many companies will just toss around these words “quality customer care” like towels in a dryer.
However, the founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club Empire, Sam Walton has understood what quality customer service means and why it is important for any business to survive. Walton sums it up in a very simple way by saying that there is only one boss who is the customer. The person can fire anybody in an organization whether it is the chairman or the lavoratory cleaner— and does this by spending his cash in another store.
People don’t ask themselves why customers would pass their store and walk into another. In simple terms, people haven’t known why someone spends their money elsewhere. The reason is that they have experienced bad customer care.
Almost everyone has encountered a horrific experience with a service after the sale. There is only one opportunity to win a customer and if in the sales process or customer service and follow-through stages, you squander the opportunity of giving your best shot, then you will have to bear the burden. You have a cancellation or return of the product — and even worse, the customer may leave never to come back.
And, as one entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and bestselling author, Jim Rohn said, a customer who is taken care of well may be more valuable than spending $10,000 on advertising. In order to understand what quality customer care is, it simply means giving something to a customer that they will not wait to experience or have it again and bring with them their friends to also have the same kind of experience.
Mark Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur who has involved himself in close to 60 plus startups from the Seventies. Mark Sparks is also the owner, founder, and CEO of a private equity firm known as Timber Creek Capital.
Mark Sparks know the impact of customer care on businesses and startups. Customers will call a company that has served them if they are angry at the services, and they expect that a resolution will be provided— and very fast. In order to give quality customer care, you will have to listen to a problem, clarify that you understand the issue that is causing pain to the customer, and expeditiously find a solution in the shortest time possible. Mark Sparks invests his time and energy to ensure any of his companies give the best customer service.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

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