Why Choosing An Economist Like Christian Broda Matters

An economist is someone that has received special training in the discipline of economics. Professionals in this social science discipline engage in the study, development, and application of economic concepts and theories. Many economists are also involved in writing about policies related to economics. In academia, for a person to be called an economist they must have a Ph.D. in economics, have published literature in the field, and teach economic science.

Economics is a very broad field. It can be broken up into many subsections. They include mathematical economics, financial economics, micro economics, macro economics, and many others. Professional economists use financial statement analysis, financial economics, economic computational models, econometrics, statistics, and many other tools to study the minutiae of specific markets and expound on broad philosophical theories in the field. They also employ a wide range of analytical methods and tools to gain insight into the state and future of specific regional, national, or international economies.

Many of the major universities are involved in the teaching of economics. Some of those universities have faculty, departments, or schools dedicated to economics and award degrees including Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs in economics. There are also a number of prominent economists that come into the field with backgrounds in business, law, political science, mathematics, history, or sociology. This enables them to bring unique perspectives to the study of economics. Their input has helped to shape economic policy for cities, states, and countries worldwide.

One well respected economist is Christian Broda. The managing director of Duquesne Capital Management in New York, Broda is well known for his groundbreaking research, writing, and teaching about economics. His unique insights on trade elasticities and other important concepts in economics have made his advice and guidance invaluable to many organizations and businesses. Broda has a solid educational background. He earned his undergraduate economics degree at Argentina’s Universidad de San Andres. He then studied for his masters and PhD from MIT. Broda’s services are now in great demand in private industry, government, and academia.

Economists like Christian Broda play an important role. Their study and analysis of data and statistics enables them to spot economic trends and help individuals, companies, and countries prepare to take advantage of them. Good economists can be found in academia, administration, banking, commerce, and finance. Consulting an economist before taking major actions has saved the jobs of many a businessman and statesman.

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