White Shark Media Knows How To Field And Resolve Complaints

White Shark Media describes itself as one the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the United States. They deliver online marketing solutions designed to help small and medium-sized businesses. Rapid growth can also bring unplanned and unwanted problems. The company acknowledge that clients have forward complaints over the years, most of which were justified. Many firms deal with complaints by ignoring them or burying their heads in the sand and pretending everything is okay. Not Shark Media. They’ve learned to address complaints in a direct and timely manner.

One of the most common complaints they’ve receive from clients over the years is “you don’t communicate very well.” The solution: scheduled monthly status calls to each client to review each month’s results using the online ToGoMeeting format.

Clients who are not able to reach their contact person are a source of complaints in every company. White Shark Media resolved that issue by installing direct lines and providing the telephone number of each contact person and the person’s supervisor to the client.

Another complaint White Shark Media never wants to hear is when a client says they’ve lost touch with their AdWord campaigns. To avoid this, the company takes great efforts to thoroughly educate clients to the detailed workings of each new campaign before the campaign begins.

No one likes to hear the charge that they are incompetent. Yet that is the implication when clients criticize the results of newly installed ‘optimized’ campaigns as compared to old campaigns they were comfortable with. That’s a big concern with AdWord agencies like White Shark Media. Clients expect better and quick results when a new program is introduced. To combat this concern, each SEM strategist is teamed with a supervisor who is responsible for a maximum of 5 strategists. Utilizing close teamwork ensures faster and better feedback and evaluation of performance results between clients and their contact person.

One of the most irritating complaints companies receive is from new clients who say what they were told when they signed up is not what they received or doesn’t fit their needs. In order to prevent this from happening at White Shark Media, senior SEM consultants work with each new client from sign up through the orientation process. Once the senior consultant is satisfied the new client understands the process, he or she is handed off to an assigned contact person with the assurance that the original senior person will always be available to address their concerns if need be.

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