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In today’s day and age, using the right words in the right places in an article or advertisement is sometimes directly correlated with how many hits it will get, and how many users will continue with viewing that article. Here are a few tips that every content creator or small business owner can follow to ensure that your content is having the most positive effect it can.

Ok, you know what you are going to write about, but condense the topic or thesis statement into one, two, or three words. Not just once, but ten, twenty, or even more times. Whatever keywords you have now, run them through a program like Google Trends, which shows you which of those phrases is the most commonly searched, and how often internet users that search those words will not bounce off the click path.

Once you have a list of these words, go ahead and write the article, with the keywords you decide to use at the rate of approximately one use per one hundred words. Do not use a phrase or word if it does not flow smoothly with the sentence, paragraph, or article in its entirety. Remember: you are not trying to fit a specific keyword in an article as many times as you can, you are attempting to dress that keyword in the most appealing way possible, so readers will read your article or view your advertisement in its entirety, and hopefully come back for more.

White Shark Media is an online company that devotes itself to improving small businesses’ attempts at search engine optimization, advertising campaigns, and web page design. There are many other competitors that provide similar services, but few websites have as many positive reviews as White Shark Media. A full list of testimonials provided by their clients can be found on their website. Contact information can also be found there, both phone number and e-mail address. If you or someone you know may be interested in receiving an estimate from White Shark, simply call or e-mail them as soon as possible.

One of the most important things about incorporating proper SEO into an article is knowing to integrate the keyword or important phrase into the title smoothly, in an attractive format. Readers are drawn to appealing headlines, so make sure that you integrate your keyword into that headline.

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