What you should know about CipherCloud

All that you need to know about CipherCloud

CipherCloud is a well known business that is conveniently located in San Jose, California. It is a cloud type security business. While maintaining security, the CipherCloud company allows for cloud adoption services, offering control and compliance. The security platform at the CipherCloud company offers a type of complete discovery cloud application. They also offer, through their security platform, cloud usage and data protection while offering risk assessments. They are able to search through the encryptions, help with data loss protection, and offer management and melware finding services. This monitoring service is completely technologically amazing. Making CipherCloud the best business around at doing what they do.

The history behind CipherCloud

In 2010, Pravin Kothari created CipherCloud. Kothari was previously the co-founder of the company ArcSight. In Feburary of 2011, the company was launched in to business and would work only in Saleforce.com at first. In the year of 2011, the company started to add Amazon Web Services integration. In seed funding, CipherCloud was able to raise $1.4 million dollars from Andreessen Horowitz later on in the year of 2011. In the month of June, in 2012, they were able to release their G mail encryption solution. During the month of September of 2012, CipheCloud was also able to very greatly encrypt Chatter, Force.com and Microsoft Office 365. In December of 2012, they were able to make a close on a $30 million dollar fund that was run by Andreesen Horowitz and Index Ventures. In January of 2014, the company was able to get their hands on the CloudUp Networks. The CloudUp Networks were able to make a type of software that would help their users to track data that they had stored through the CipherCloud company as it was moved throughout the Cloud business environments and were also able to stop data from leaving without the authorization of the user.

Recognition that CipherCloud has received

In the year 2015, in the month of April, CipherCloud had been given 10 awards during the 11th Info Security Global Excellence Awards, they were even honored by receiving a Grand Trophy and as the Company Growth for the year. Pravin Kothari, founder of CipherCloud, was awarded the CEO of the year award that was given out at the 10th Security Globall Excellence Awards. CipherCloud was the winner also of SC Magazine’s Excellence Awards in February of 2014 in the Information Security Product of the year side, also, they received there the Best Emerging Technology in Information Security award. CipherCloud and their employees were very enthusiastic about receiving all of these awards, and were very appreciative of all the time it took for the award to be made.

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