What Makes Samuel Strauch Thrive In the Highly Competitive Miami Real Estate Industry

     Samuel Strauch is a New York-based real estate magnate. Speaking during a recent interview with Ideamensch, Samuel gave some insights about his entrepreneurial journey. The idea for his business began when he moved to Miami. The rapid growth of the real estate industry coupled with the transformation of Miami from a vacation destination to a metropolis gave birth to his entrepreneurial idea.

Creativity and forward thinking are essential in bringing ideas to life. The viability of ideas is critically analyzed, and if found viable, it is implemented with unparalleled excellence. According to Samuel Strauch, the process of implementation decides if you succeed or fail. Strauch believes that meditation makes entrepreneurs more productive.

Although Strauch is successful today, he has undergone his share of troubles. Immediately after college, he had an annoying time while working in the operational department. However, his time at that firm helped him realize that he was good at manufacturing. Contrary to many people’s wishes, Strauch doesn’t regret any past moment. He believes that every path followed is an instrumental part of growth and thus, given a chance to start aging, he would follow the same steps he followed.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Samuel Strauch spends five minutes of every morning to synthesize three things that are essential to everyone. Firstly, it is essential to be grateful for what you have. Secondly, one should opens inspire unquenchable curiosity for success. Thirdly, one should set their goals and activities for that particular day. Entrepreneurs are also advised to take advantage of the high population of baby boomers and invest in specialized services for them.

Who Is Samuel Strauch?

Samuel Strauch is prominent real estate mogul based in New York. Strauch began his career in the banking industry before joining the real estate business. Samuel Strauch opened his own company, Metric Real Estate in 2002. His firm deals with equity outsourcing, management, brokerages, developments and acquisitions of real estate in South Florida and Latin America. Strauch has also invested in Internet and restaurant. Outside his career, Samuel has keen interests in art and photography.

Strauch graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor’s degree in International business. He also studies at Harvard University and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he graduated with degrees in business and international business and marketing respectively.


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