What makes Cotemar Oil Company the World’s No.1 Driller?

Established in 1979 in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, Cotemar Company has scaled the heights in providing offshore services within the petroleum industry. With newly designed maritime vessels, the organization has established a solid niche in the industry by providing essential materials and staff. Coming into the second decade of the new millennium, the firm commenced the manufacture of submersible rigs, cranes and ships for utility in transportation of materials. Now, their services are extended more upstream on onshore realms.

Company Specialties

With over 30 years of experience, Cotemar has become the largest Oil Firm in Mexico. It offers vast latitude of services. The brand is synonymous to Petroleum and related services. The management has been taciturn in expanding, maintaining and reclaiming offshore drilling grounds. Apart from that, it’s also known for providing quality catering and accommodation besides oceanic carriage services. Further, it is committed to put in tireless efforts in providing offshore assembly services and carry out tests in improving technical tools.

Working Conditions

With a population of workers of more than 5000 employees, the firm has enjoyed a low employee turnover. No wonder its embellished success. The management highly regards it workers. That has been a definitive factor in steering the firm towards financial growth.

Besides proper work remuneration, workers live in good accommodation cabins. In fact, the rooms are spacious enough for two or four persons to live in comfortably. Faceted to these facilities are recreational amenities such as theater halls, gymnasium, sports fields just to mention a few. Employees are provided with quality food, laundry and janitorial services. Such consideration to employee welfare makes the working conditions achieve global status.

Sustainability Strategies

To curb the negative impact of its drilling activities, the firm has put in place sustainability strategies aimed towards environmental conservation, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and strategic management programs. These programs provide the perfect conditions to nurture innovative ideas to aid in achievement of the goals and objectives.

Safety is an aspect that is highly prioritized. Therefore, the company has put in place technologically advanced tools to mitigate accidents that threaten to compromise their daily activities. With such input, Cotemar Company minimizes on losses whilst maximizing its revenue.

The firm works closely with environmental authorities. Thus, it operates within the confines of regulatory laws on environmental sustainability. In addition, it creates mass awareness of the importance of conserving the environment by being proactively involved in eco-friendly programs.

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