Wengie Drawings Tells the World who she Really Is


Wengie is a famous YouTube sensation who hails from Australia but has origins in China. She is a young and full of life sweet lady who provides lots of practical advice and entertainment for people. Early in 2017, Wengie decided to tell her millions of fans about her life.


Even though her life is rather ordinary in terms of how it was lived; her followers will simply want to know more about this energetic Asian/Australian bombshell. So here is Wengie’s story that she tells through her drawings.


Wengie was born in Guangzhou, China on January 9, 1986. As of 2017 she is 31-years-old. Young Wengie’s birth name is Wen Jie which is where her YouTube name is derived from. When Wen Jie or Wengie was age 2, her parents relocated to Australia. They settled in Melbourne. Wengie stayed behind while her parents where in Melbourne for nearly 2 years.


She grew up being raised by her grandfather and nanny as a child. Once she was about 4 she relocated to Melbourne with her parents and grandfather. While she was there she had to relearn who her parents were and she had to adjust to her new surroundings.


Eventually Wengie’s parents relocated to Sydney. She claims that her parents were poor because they were trying to save up to move into a better lifestyle. Wengie got good grades in school but she was a very shy and introverted child. That’s hard to believe considering how outgoing she is now within her videos. She eventually overcame this problem. Wengie also got good grades in school.


Wengie eventually got a scholarship to help out her family who was still struggling. She graduated with an accounting degree and worked in this field for 4 years before she was fired. Wengie bounced back by getting hired as an internet consultant.


She eventually had many clients before she branched out to start her own show which we all know as Wengie. This brings us to where she is now. Currently, Wengie is a popular YouTuber who is happily married and earning a great living as a video hostess. She also has a younger brother named Jim. You can check more of Wengie in her Draw My Life Video on YouTube.



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