Ways to Sell Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Many people choose to sell their home through a real estate broker because of all the work and knowledge needed to be successful. Whichever way you decide to sell, here is some helpful information and steps to take.


Using a broker that you know or are referred to can be a way to sell, but if you want to save some money check out The 990 Sell Homes Company. They will help you sell your home without the huge commissions that normal brokers ask. They will put your home on the internet and produce printed advertising. Their commission is as low as $990 with no upfront fees. You can find an agent in your area by visiting their website.


Begin by going through and give the whole house a thorough cleaning. This will allow your house to receive a higher value when it is appraised. Put away items that make the house look cluttered because the more spacious it looks, potential buyers will see themselves in your home. Make sure the house is move-in-ready because if the buyer has to do a lot to the house, it may deter them away. Think about staging the home by making each room simple with only a few items and remove personal effects. When you’re ready to take pictures, show off the space of the room and turn lights on to enhance the room’s area.


As part of your preparation, you should call your existing lender to find out how much you owe and order a beneficiary statement. If you will be buying a different home after you sell, you’ll need to get new financing offers from your lender. Get a Good Faith Estimate from them, but also compare rates and fees of other mortgage brokers. Then get a loan pre-approval letter so you know how much mortgage you can receive. All of this will help you determine the lowest bid you could possibly accept.

Next you should have your property evaluated. If your selling your own home, it’s best to get a professional to help you get a good price range and reference point. Use comparables, how much other similar homes in the area sold for, to decide what price range is realistic. You can ask your bank for a list of reputable appraisers. Having your home inspected is a good next step. This will allow you to fix things that the inspector finds wrong and you’ll get a better offer.


Put the house up for sale in the spring and sell through the summer months, since most people want to move during the warm months. Figure out what you think will draw in buyers. Energy saving items, new appliances, renovations, area school districts anything that would be attractive. Put these things in your ads and memorize them and talk about them with those seeing the house.

Market the home by putting a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the yard. Online advertising is a great way to get noticed. Craigslist and other social media site can help spread the word. Give your information to businesses and schools in the area, who might have workers or teachers relocating to the area. Let friends and family know so they can keep an ear out for anyone looking to buy.

You need to be available and flexible when showing your home. Make sure everything is cleaned up and put valuable things away. The house should have a homey mood when showing, so light a candle, make coffee, open widows, or have a fire in the fireplace. Greet them with a firm handshake and remember their names. Offer them refreshments and ask them about their interests (kids, pets, etc.). Focus on those as you take them on the tour. The whole experience should be positive, so don’t explain negative things about the house or yourself.

Make a plan that after a certain amount of time with no serious bids, you’ll lower the price a certain amount. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to see if the price does match the value. There may be no bids for a reason.

Consider offering an incentive like paying the closing costs, a warranty on the appliances, or offer a short closing period so they can move in right away. Be willing to make a counter offer, by coming down a little in price for fixing something better or offer to leave your big outdoor grill. It’s worth it to sell the house.


The last stage of the process is usually the most valuable in having a realtor sell your house. Now you’ll have to walk the buyer through getting a mortgage broker which will get them closer to the closing. As the seller, you’ll need a broker to give you estimated closing costs and financing tips which will be a good selling point to the buyers. Try to close as quickly as you can within thirty to ninety days. When closing make sure to provide all the necessary disclosure documents required by your state.

Considering all that’s involved will help you decide what’s the best way to sell your home and give you confidence in your decision.

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