Vijay Eswaran: leading an Asian giant.

Commerce in Asia is growing globally. Among the leaders in the rise of this economic movement is Vijay Eswaran.Dr. Eswaran is a Malaysian-born entrepreneur, corporate executive and philanthropist. He worked in a number of successful global corporations before founding Qnet which is now the QI Group.His story is one of family values, persistence and education and a concern for the welfare and wellbeing of others. Asia has been undergoing unbelievable growth since 1945 and the independence movements as European nations granted independence.Dr.Eswaran is the son of a civil servant family and grew up in an atmosphere of service to others.He credits his father for instilling in him a sense of dedication to making the lives of others better and he has founded his career on this principle.

Qnet was the foundation of his business success in Malaysia and after some difficult times caused by forces hostile to his efforts, today’s successful QI Group is the result.QI’s flagship business is a direct selling product that enables individual entrepreneurs to sell personal care, health and beauty and travel and holiday packages as part of a large supportive network.

He has translated his philanthropic efforts into a developing educational system that will offer students educational opportunities that will make the life of the nation more productive and expand economic development through medical, entrepreneurial and social education. Now housed temporarily in corporate headquarters its planned growth will be a major factor in the immediate future of his nation.

Dr. Eswaran is an acknowledged leader in marketing, business development, philanthropy and investment in socially beneficial causes. He is a recognized motivational speaker in the global business world who speaks from a position of achievement and experience.He is an example of what altruistic family values when combined with business acumen, education, risk-taking and persistence can achieve. Check out Vijay Eswaran’s FB profile.

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