Vijay Eswaran, a True Investment Star

If you’re interested in Malaysian business, you’ve probably heard Vijay Eswaran’s name. He is one hell of a businessman, serving as Executive Chief of the QI Group, which is a business that got its start online, and has worked in a variety of different areas online, including luxury products, services, and other types of directly relevant business interests for those who seek out their services.

Vijay Eswaran is not just a CEO; he’s also a published author, making waves in the world of authorship and publishing. His first book, In the Sphere of Silence, was published to augment his daily practice of taking an hour of silence, for himself and for the world at large. Vijay shares his philosophy of management and business with the world in this book, and he was able to write it just to share his thoughts with others. His second book was released in 2008, and he is always writing and thinking of ways to serve as a philanthropist for the greater good.

Vijay has been awarded many honors. He is known as one of the Top 25 Richest Businesspeople in Malaysia, according to Forbes Malaysia, and he also works to ensure social corporate responsibility for his company and for the purpose of helping the greater good. He is also a large giver to mentorship programs, and his funds that serve as philanthropic are named after his father. Vijay is a mover and shaker, and he is one to keep an eye on for many years to come.

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