Understanding The Beer Law through Bruno Fagali’s Advocacy Report

     For anyone who might have come across a bottle of beer, it is almost impossible for you not to ask yourself questions about its contents. One common thing that people usually do is go through the label on the bottle. In most cases, one will come across an ingredient known as “un-malted cereal.” Many people may not know the cereal that is used to make beer.

Things are about to change as a Brazilian court recently ruled that breweries should clearly state the type of un-malted cereal they use in making beer. There are many un-malted portions of cereal that are used to make beer. They include rice, Corn, soy, and oats. Therefore, breweries might have used any of these cereals in making their beer.

Fagali Advocacy, founded by Bruno, highlighted this ruling handed down by Federal Judge Juliano Bernardes. The ruling stated that every citizen has a right to know the type of un-malted cereal that was used in making the beer through the label. This applies to every beer sold in Brazil to consumers.

Bruno is a respected attorney who has deep knowledge and years of experience in numerous fields of law. He has immense experience in administrative law, compliance law, regulatory law, and ethics law. Currently, Bruno Fagali works at his law firm, Fagali Advocacy which has also gained a lot of popularity and earned a reputation for representing its clients. Apart from practicing law independently, Bruno Fagali also works at Nova/Sb as the Compliance Integrity Manager.

It was at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where the foundations of Bruno Fagali’s successful law career were laid. When Bruno completed his undergraduate studies he received his bachelors’ degree in law. Later on, Bruno decided to specialize in administrative law at the same University from 2010 to 2012. Bruno did not stop there; he went on to join the University of Sao Paulo in 2015 where he completed his masters in state law and in 2017 he graduated.

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