Thor Havlorssen; dethroning tyrants one at a time

People that choose to spend the wee hours of the morning flooding other people’s mail boxes with controversial emails, or sending Wickr messages that are encrypted aren’t exactly what the society considers regular guys. Well, Thor Havlorssen is anything but regular. His pursuits, mainly after tyrants and those that oppress others and breach human rights have made him famous in some quotas and infamous in others. He owns the Human Rights Foundation that he launched in 2005 and is based in New York.

Mr Thor considers himself a child of many nations. He is part Norwegian and part Venezuelan. His leadership and advocacy seems to be part of his genetics as he comes from a lineage of leaders on both sides. His grandfather on his father’s side was the King Consul for the Norwegian government in Venezuela during the Second World War. The first president of Venezuela is a direct descendant of his mother. The mother also has the same lineage as Simon Bolivar, the leader who freed Latinos from Spanish rule. His philosophy is that human rights are the fundamental basis of all other discussions.

The background that shaped Thor’s current activism

People who experience things first hand, more often than not, end up being advocates against the situations. When Thor was growing up, he witnessed his father’s human rights being violated. His father was locked up in a prison in Caracas and suffered a lot for being a drug Czar. His mother was also shot during riots against Hugo Chavez.

Despite his sad past, Thor is not a bitter man, he loves all of humanity. He respects people that fight for other people’s rights, the ones who defy the norm and work for the freedoms and fights of the others. Thor has had his fair share of mistreatment, like the Vietnam interview that went sour and his crew ended up hiding cameras in their rectum.

Thor respects everyone who is on the same mission as he is. His company has a staff of 12 from around the world and gets sponsorship from PayPal’s co-founder and Google’s Sergey Brin.


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