The Two Most Delicious EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS has been known for over ten years as a game changer in the lip balm industry. Lip balm used to come in an awful cynlindical tube, giving it the name “stick” as it often did…to not only your lips, but your clothes, fingers, etc. It was an awful mess that would melt easily if left in the sun for more than few seconds and caused women everywhere to be constantly digging into their purses to find the lip balm, only to have to put up with a terrible medicine like smell and taste after they applied it. See for more related details.


With EOS, those days are no more. The line of gorgeous orb shaped containers are fun to use and also actually protect and hydrate your lips. But the best part? It is definitely the array of flavors, refer also to Here are some of the top flavors of EOS lip balm you may have not tried, but definitely should!

Sweet Mint

Sweet Mint is exactly as it sounds. It has a wonderful pop of mint without all the hefty over-minting that seems to be popular in gums and lipsticks today. The sweetness is downright decadent and tones down the mint so that the two play perfectly once applied to your lips. To me, this is the perfect EOS lip balm to use when a first kiss might be a possibility. Latest review here.


Blueberry Acai

This fun blue orb is not one of the most popular that fills the EOS spots in popular stores like Target and Ulta, but it should be. The blueberry and Acai mix so well that it tastes like a smoothie for your lips. The taste is almost as good as the smell, which is sure to garner comments like, “what smells so good?” and “I’m hungry all of the sudden,” from your friends as they inhale the delicate mix of the two berries.


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