The Reasons behind Norka Luque’s Success

If you understand the music industry well, you will agree that every successful artist must have a strong support system behind them. In the case of Norka Luque, she has had solid support system backing her since she began professional singing. Her support system includes producers, songwriters, promoters and her parents.

Her parents have been there for her from the start. They went an extra mile to ensure that she got singing, instrument and dance lessons. According to her profile, she took part in various competitions such as the famed “Golden Voice” and “School Festival of Gaitas.” She excelled in these competitions and left her audience amazed at her talent.

Ms. Martinez is also backed by the Cuban-American producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Mr. Estefan is widely recognized in the Latino music scene. He has won 19 Grammy Awards and made the careers of artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira among other artists. He produced Norka Luque’s first album. This album was a huge success and sold several copies. Some of the songs that made the album so successful are “As You Do It” and “Milagro” or “Miracle” in English.

Ms. Martinez also has a very famous songwriter writing her songs. The renowned songwriter, percussionist and musical ambassador, Archie Peña has written several of Norka’s songs including “As You Do It” and “Milagro.” Other key personalities who are behind her songs are Luis Giraldo as well as the Gaitan Brothers. Ms. Martinez has also relied on the services of the famous Fito Blanko to obtain perfection in recording and mastering her music. Mr. Blanko produced her most recent track “Tomorrowland.”

About Ms. Martinez

Born on February 7th, 1986, Norka Martinez Luque is an upcoming Latino pop singer. This 30-year-old talented musician was born in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital city. She is educated having studied business administration in a French business school. She has also studied culinary arts, fashion, and marketing.

Before becoming a professional artist, she tried a banking career in the small city-state of Monaco. Besides music, she also has some other interests including tennis, traveling and making friends. Luque occasionally takes part in tennis competitions in the Miami region.

If you ask her about the artists who inspire her, she will tell you that she is inspired by Jay-z, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. You can find most of her work here. Alternatively, connect with her on Facebook to learn more about her upcoming works.

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