The Life Story of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is well known for his success in the real estate business. What many people don’t know about Hussain Sajwani is that he came from a very humble background. His father owned a shop where he sold pens and watches. His mother sold fabrics to his fellow women to boost his father’s income.

Sajwani began visiting his father’s shop when he was three years old. He saw his father make many sacrifices including putting in long hours. When he was of age, his father wanted him to take over the family business, but Sajwani declined the offer because he felt there was something bigger in store for him.

Hussain understands how it feels to struggle as a child and this is why he recently donated AED two million to cloth children around the world.

The Rise of the DAMAC Premises

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, secured a job at GASCO Premises after school. In one of his interviews, he says that this is the most demanding job he has ever done.

Two years later, he decided to begin his catering venture. It is interesting to note that he still owns this catering venture up to date and it has grown significantly. He says that it acts as a reminder of the first business he established.

Accoridng to Premier Gazette, in the 1990s, Sajwani realized that there was population inflation in Dubai. This was a result of the business persons who came to conduct business in Emirates. To accommodate the overflowing population, he built some hotels.

In 2002, he realized that the real estate business was not explored in Dubai. This was when he decided to begin the DAMAC Premises.

The DAMAC Premises is well recognized for its services in the whole of the Middle East, Africa and CIS. Since its foundation, it has been able to provide 20000 individuals with their dream homes.

Relationship of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump

The business relationship of Hussain Sajwani is something that everyone is discussing since Trump is set to assume the Presidential office. The latter has vowed to not closing any personal deals in office.

Hussain says that their business relationship is not just a cold relationship as the two families are close and share meals together. He also added that he is confident that their business ties will only grow stronger.

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