The Life-Changing Experience Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy Offers

The real estate world may be traditionally known to be dominated by wealthy tycoons and banks, but there are ways that middle class people can get into it such as picking up the system Nick Vertucci uses. Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy where he shares things he learned real estate over the course of 13 years with people just getting into real estate. The NV Real Estate Academy shows how buying cheap properties and turning them into high end establishments could be the greatest way to build your future wealth and possibly retire earlier than you had planned. Vertucci came across this wealth opportunity at a time when his life was struggling.

Nick Vertucci was raised in southern California to a family in poverty and his childhood and early adulthood had a lot of hard times such as losing his father to premature death, and being homeless for a few years after he turned 18. He attempted to escape poverty the first time by opening a computer hardware sales business, and for a time he started living a life he enjoyed. Nick Vertucci had a wife and children by the late 1990s when his business was at its best, but he had no idea that it was all about to end when the 2000 dot-com crash happened. The crash left him in deep debt and he almost had his home repossessed, but despite the bleak outlook Vertucci faced, he would learn about a real estate conference that would change his life.

Nick Vertucci attended a conference that showed him just how easy it was to start turning properties into rentals or vacation places, and he decided he could start doing this on his own. He began finding affordable residential vacancies across Orange County and soon had apartments and renovated homes added to his portfolio, and he realized he could flip those properties within months and get very high profits. Within a matter of years Vertucci started paying off his debt and then had money for things like family vacations and new vehicles. He started the NV Real Estate academy in 2014, and since then it’s had thousands of attendees at its workshops.

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