The Legend of OSI Group

Without food safety measures, millions of people probably would have contracted some sort of illness. To remain exact, they would have contracted illnesses such a salmonella or worse. For the most part, such carelessness does not exist in the developed world. When it does occur, companies place a recall on all of their products. As a result, numerous consumers do not get sick. With that being said, few companies in the food industry possess such a high level of food safety as the OSI Group. For those unaware, OSI Industries remains an American-owned company that specializes in the food and retail industries. In addition, they remain headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

In particular, the company specializes in processing meat products. For decades, the company has pioneered food safety techniques that remain the industry standard of today. To remain exact, the company’s conception began in 1909 by the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Two years after Kolschowsky settled in the U.S., he opened a meat market in Illinois. By 1917, the company blossomed into a wholesale meat company and relocated to the Chicago suburb of Maywood. As a result, the company renamed itself and became Otto & Sons in 1928. For years, the company became well established throughout Chicago due to its high-quality meats. Click here to know more.

By 1955, the company rose to even higher heights. During this time, it formed a partnership with McDonald’s. By 1975, the company became known as OSI Industries. Due to such high taste in food preparation, the company remained featured in Forbes several times. Also, the company recently acquired a Tyson food plant in Chicago. In a $7.4 million dollar bid, the factory went under the ownership of OSI Industries. This remains attributed to poor performance. Also, the company purchased Baho Food that will expand their influence in Europe.

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