The Ingredients For Success: EOS

Although EOS lip balm’s consumer base is largely the millennial female, it’s founders are a group of three men. How did three men know how to deliver exactly what a female customer base would love? They simply asked them, implemented what they wanted in the product, and sold it to them.

The three men who founded the company did have previous experience running small startups and experience in big brand packaging. This combined experience helped to form their initiatives. They saw a gap in the market and knew something was lacking, and they went to the customers to find out. Every day user of lip balms were overwhelmingly female. They were tired of the same old product, they wanted new and exciting packaging that was joyful to use in their every day routines. They wanted an all natural product that was easy to apply so they didn’t get their fingers sticky like when using a traditional pot of lip balm.

Sanjiv Mehra, with a background in packaging put his mind to work and created the famous EOS lip balm pod that is instantly recognizable today. Besides the packaging being in and of itself iconic, the Amazon popular brand put the EOS pods in the hands of iconic celebrities. Though some of the celebrities picked them up themselves, other stars like Demi Lovato promoted the product on tour. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift, stars of the millennial female generation, promoted the product on Facebook too.

An early investment in being able to make the products in house really allowed them to expand to the level they did with marketing. Jonathan Teller had experience in running a startup and he knew it would save the brand money to invest in their custom machinery. This decision allows them to sell over a million units per week today.


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