The Flavor Delights of EOS

Not too many people know that lip balm can be traced back to a book written by Lydia Maria Child, entitled “The American Frugal Housewife”, in the 1840’s; however, I think all would agree the flavor suggested in this book was not one we would run out to the local market to purchase in this day and age, or even their day and age… it was earwax.

Fast forward 169 years and thank goodness for eos. Hitting the stores in 2009, eos natural lip care products are not only stylish and colorful, they’re scrumptious!

From Sweet Mint to Tangerine, or Passion Fruit to Coconut Milk. I myself have a small bucket of these heavenly spheres on my desk as I’m writing this, my favorite being Blackberry Nectar eos Blackberry Nectar…. It goes on silky smooth and the scent can rival that of fresh blackberries. Or let’s talk about my next favorite, Vanilla Mint eos Vanilla Mint…; the creamy vanilla soothes while the crisp mint leaves your lips feeling refreshed and tingling.

Each EOS lip balm is a wonderful splash of moisture for your lips and will without a doubt, delight your senses.

With so many flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find a favorite. These products are available online via eBay and Ulta.

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