The Deadly Hike

Brutal hazings for college fraternities and sororities have been banned from college campuses all over the country. The hazing are notoriously dangerous and have taken the lives of numerous young people. One California family is feeling that pain after they lost a loved one to hazing. A California college student died after being a part of a brutal fraternity hike. The family has decided to sue the school after the loss of their loved one. Members of the family are claiming that the death was easily preventable and senseless to say the least. Armando Villa died after collapsing during a treacherous 18 mile hike that was organized by his fraternity. A school investigation found out that the hikers had little water, were hiking in hot temperatures, and did not have the proper shoes for hiking.


After the final autopsy was performed the school’s investigation concluded that the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and their hazing were to blame. The CEO of the national fraternity would not comment on the lawsuit at this time. The fraternity did however shut down the chapter in which Armando Villa lost his life to. The fraternity also gave generous remarks and condolences and extended their thoughts and prayers to the family. Knowing that the fraternity chapter is closed has given the family and their community some closure. Watts sees this as a pretty tough situation. They are truly hoping that no one else has to lose their lives to senseless acts of bravado.

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