The Business and Philanthropy of Keith Mann

Business Career

Keith Mann is a well known Founder and CEO. Working in the field of executive search for 15+ years, he specializes in compensation for hedge funds and staffing strategy.  He quickly demonstrated his competency and became the executive vice president of the company. Also a former Managing Director for the same Dynamics Executive Search (based in New York City), he was tasked with recruiting quality talent for financial service firms that operated internationally. In 2002, while still at Dynamics Executive Search, he formed the Alternative Investment Practice to address the growing demand for hedge fund services and a lack of support from existing search firms.

He grew the company in 2006 to include the private equity industry, and soon after that, Mann formed DSP – Dynamics Search Partners – in 2009.  As the CEO, Mann oversees the daily operations and helps his clients in hiring great people for investment, strategy, and marketing roles in addition to building new platforms altogether. DSP has an impressive global presence, assisting firms in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and placing over 200 qualified candidates for clients each year.


Mann has maintained strong philanthropic efforts, helping charities with donations and organizing events that contribute to the causes. For example, he put on a mixer in 2008 in which Dynamics Search Partners alone donated $8,000 for Hopes an Heroes.

He also lead the effort on behalf of DSP to teach children the college skills they need to be successful through Uncommon Schools and to donate $10,000 to them in 2013.

In addition, Keith Mann has spread his philanthropic efforts to reach out to the NYPD in times of crisis, a gesture that demonstrates his commitment to the community.

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