The Advantages of Shared Office Spaces

Shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular among all different classes for tenants due to the varied benefits that they provide to tenants. The exact nature of the benefit that appeals to each tenant will depend on the individual needs of each tenant. This article will provide some information on the general benefits that are provided to those who choose to lease office space from shared office space locations.


Shared office spaces allow tenants to sign up for short-term leases that are generally located in prime metropolitan areas. These offices are operated by third party companies who either own or lease the space from the building themselves. These third party companies will sub-divide the office space into sub-units that tenants can lease to their exact size needs and provide shared services like receptionists, coffee machines, and utilities.


The major benefit for tenants of these shared office spaces are that the shared office spaces are for short durations and are priced based on the size and space of the that is needed. If a business were to grow or shrink the could increase or decrease their needed space. For businesses that are new to a market or are in their start-up phase, it can be difficult to project their needs out several years into the future. Shared office spaces take out the guest work and allow them to react to the market as needed.


For smaller businesses and individuals there are other advantages to shared office spaces. A professional setting is attractive to employees and customers who need to visit the office. A shared office space keeps people from working at home where they are easily distracted and often improves on the productivity of an office. In addition, shared office allows company’s employees the ability to network with other entities in the same location and can result in new business and contacts. Further, these spaces are re cost efficient than standalone facilities and provide rea savings to occupants.


As a final benefit many of these shared office spaces are in convenient locations that are near major transportation hubs that an smaller entity may not otherwise be able to afford. Take Worville which is located near Times Square. Workville’s NYC working office is close to Grand Central, Penn Station, and major Subway concentrations that allow employees to easily access their office.


When you visit Workville’s office you will see a beautiful professional setting that employees love working in. This helps to build morale and create and foster an environment which can help a business to grow and succeed.

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