Texas Wants Fracking

Recent attempts to stop fracking in Texas have been met with a brick wall. Republican Governor Greg Abbott just signed a new law that will prevent any blockage of both drilling and fracking. The state of Texas watched the bill in awe as it sailed through the state’s legislature and was eventually accepted with open arms by the GOP.

The process of fracking includes drilling and blasting rocks with water, sand, and chemicals to release trapped gases. This means of harvesting energy has been heavily protested across the country due to the negative impact on the environment. The new Texas state law was inspired when the residents of Denton decided to ban hydraulic fracking in their town.

Due to the new mandate issued by Texas lawmakers, the community can not prevent oil and gas companies from doing the deed. According to Governor Abbott it’s a measure to keep regulation out of business. Madison Street Capital is still unclear as to what the residents of Denton will do to combat it has yet to be seen.

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