Ted Bauman, A Finance Expert At Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing began under the name of The Sovereign Society in 1998. The publication quickly established itself as premier media outlet for information on finances and economics. The brand was founded on the principles of self-reliance and sovereignty. The publication provided sound advice on asset protection, offshore bank accounts, global business operations, citizenships, private foundations, financial privacy and overseas residency.

In 2016, the brand rebranded itself and became Banyan Hill Publishing. With a new name and new focus for its readers, the company was able still stand by their mission of creating quality content for readers. The organization focused on equipping readers with the insights to understanding U.S. based investments, small and mid cap stocks, streams of income, natural resources, commodities, option plays and domestic companies. The brand is growing faster than ever in the category of independent publishers of investment advice. Almost four hundred thousand people flock to this site daily. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms

Ted Bauman sits as one of the financial experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. The experts at this organization work together collectively to assist their readers with information on investments, asset protection and entrepreneurship. Ted Bauman is an editor and analyst. He creates engaging content for his readers. His readers are able to invest more effectively and create forms of income for themselves from the informative blogs he pens.

The Bauman Letter is written by Ted Bauman. He also writes the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Having a previous work history in consultancy, he knows exactly how to research and write engaging posts for his audience. He has already written several publications regarding economics. He has written for the World Bank, United Nations, European grant-making agencies and for South Africa.

Before coming to Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman managed funds for inexpensive housing projects. He is the founder of Slum Dwellers International. He has worked in international affairs. After his retirement from Humanity International where he was the director of the international housing programs, he got heavily involved in the world of low-risk investments. That interest led him to being an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Visit: https://medium.com/@TedBauman/is-your-portfolio-about-to-burn-to-the-ground-df79d568ff19


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