Tammy Mazzocco Shows the Path to Success

Tammy Mazzocco has shown the way to the successful point of a person’s real estate career. When a person is just starting out, they want to try everything, Tammy Mazzocco states. She remembers her early years and how confusing they were as to what should be done first in order get her business kicked off to a good start.

She remembers that she was shy and hated to talk to prospective home buyers about their finances. A real estate agent has to eventually know something about a person’s finances to determine whether or not they are a real prospect. A fellow agent told her just to initiate the conversation by asking the right questions, and the rest will follow naturally. Tammy tried it, and it worked right away, and she has never had trouble with that since. Tammy at Facebook .

Tammy is a goal setter, and the purpose is to set things in alignment to give herself a track to run on. She likes to set the goal, and then break it down into smaller action steps. Then she can tackle each step more easily since most of them can be accomplished in a day or so. She says that she has seen many people set goals that were too large and they give up because it seems impossible to achieve. Click Here for more .

When asked what one thing has contributed more to her success than anything, she stated that treating the buyer just the say way that she would like to be treated is the key. She focuses on the problems the client is having and pushes her needs into the background. When the client sees that she is very concerned about the needs of her clients, they realize that Tammy is serious about helping them. This is when they ask to buy the house because they know they can trust her implicitly.

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