The Key to OSI Group’s growth is to buy and build

A lot of restaurants and markets owe their continued success to OSI group. OSI group is a Chicago, Illinois based food processing and distributing company. OSI acts as a holding company for meat processors, and a lot of food companies such as restaurants, retail markets and meat wholesalers will do business with and through OSI Group.

OSI Group increases the value of its business through the acquisitions and joint ventures it engages in. A good example of a recent acquisition on their part is the recent purchase of the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, acquired for a final price of 7.4 million dollars. OSI Group had also recently acquired a Dutch food company known as Baho Food that specializes in snacks and convenience store food. On top of that, OSI is reinvesting in its current properties. A good example is when they doubled the size, and therefore productivity, of their chicken processing factory in Toledo, Spain. This expansion also allowed them to process other meats for a total of a 45000 ton meat processing capacity. This is a normal strategy for this company; expansion followed by introductions of new products.

OSI Group approaches all of its business with the goal of creating products for their customers that not only taste how the client wants it, but is also packaged and designed according to the specifications of the client. OSI brings in their in house culinary and research teams to help the client design meals and food items, with special attention paid to any preferences that the client is trying to capture. Options including both vegan and vegetarian meals can be designed as well, because the teams employed by OSI stay on top of the most recent changes in the medical research that instructs what new foods have become carginogenic, or have established any other new health risk.

Ever since the year 1909, OSI Group has dedicated itself to being a food supplier. OSI Group has been seeing constant growth ever since it became a meat supplier to McDonald’s when it first started in the 1950s. Now it makes menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many other large names in the food retail industry.