Sustainability and Purity Are The Foundation Of Waiakea Water

Hawaiians have a unique bond with nature, referring to themselves as children of the land. One of the most important cultures in Hawaii is to care for and respect the land. This bond goes back several thousand years because nature provides housing, clothing, food, canoes, tools, and musical instruments to the Hawaiians. They protect their resources and environment with sustainable actions they take very seriously.

Waiakea water engages in the respectful environmental actions of Hawaiians, sourcing their water from sustainably. The bottles are all 100 percent RPET, their shipping is low emission, and they are participants in programs to offset carbon and regional reforestation. This is why Waiākea’s premium bottled water was able to be certified as CarbonNeutral.

The environmental initiatives of Waiākea are concentrated on the use of one of the world’s most sustainable resources of fresh water. Waiākea starts out as rain and snowmelt on beautiful snow capped peaks. These peaks are located on the Big Island of Hawaii on the active Mauna Loa volcano.

Waiākea has a mission to sustainably provide Hawaiian volcanic water that is not only delicious but healthy as well. They strive to accomplish this by making as small an impact as they possibly can. At the same time they both promote and contribute to giving individuals in need all across the globe access to clean water.

Waiākea water is healthy because it has been filtered by using thousands of feet of volcanic rock. This porous rock naturally enriches the water with minerals and makes it rich in electrolytes. With a pH of just 8.8 this is one of the most Alkaline natural waters anywhere in the world.

Waiākea water is sustainable with a source recharge rate of 1.4 billions gallons every day. The bottles are 100 percent RPET, the carbon footprint is ninety percent smaller, and has been certified as CarbonNeutral. Waiākea water is incredibly proud to represent part of the solution regarding the global water crisis. Every single time the company sells a liter, 650 liters of clean water are donated disadvantaged communities located throughout rural Africa.

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