Summer Blast with EOS Lip Balm

When purchasing EOS lip balm, did you know or ever wonder what the acronym EOS stands for on the label? Entrepreneurs Johnathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, co-founders of Evolution of Smooth (EOS), began developing EOS natural lip balm and skin care products in 2007. The “E” stands for Evolution, the “O” means of, and “S” represents Smooth, or Evolution of Smooth. Teller says, “When we set up the company, our plan was always to build a scalable brand that was going to be in multiple categories in multiple countries,” in an interview with associate editor, Lydia Belanger of, March 17, 2017.

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It is no wonder that the entrepreneurs and Evolution of Smooth, located in New York, NY, sells millions of lip balm and skin care products around the world. From Europe, Asia to Mexico and in the United States, EOS products are selling in many major retail stores such as Target and, among other stores and online.

This summer, treat yourself to EOS’s fruit flavored lip balm, all 95% organic and 100% natural with vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil (i.e., an oil extracted from seeds of evergreen shrubs). Hence, all paraben (i.e., preservatives) free, phthalate (i.e., salt of phthalic acid) free and petrolatum (i.e., hydrocarbons from petroleum) free! There are many mouth watering delicious fruit flavors of EOS lip balms to choose from when shopping in store or online, for example, lip balms come in blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavor to honeysuckle honeydew and peach flavor, and many more where you can shop at Evolution of Smooth and create an account to stay tuned, up-to-date, and learn about the latest news about EOS lip balm and skin care products. Evolution of Smooth lip balm that you choose will surely tailor any outfit for any occasion.

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