Stream Energy Continues to Grow Renewable Energy Services

With the decline of the use of coal in Texas the state has slowly been moving towards using renewable clean energy. Stream Energy is a company that provides this type energy to customers in Texas and many other states. In 2001 Texas government deregulated their energy structure. This made Texas a competitive electric energy market.

Public utilities that dominated the market lost their power and companies like Stream Energy were able to sell their service to customers. Stream Energy markets its energy directly to clients ( It uses a network of independent sales associates. They sell energy from wind, solar and natural gas.

Alternative energy prices have become lower over the last few years This is because it is cheaper to manufacture and maintain. Companies like Stream Energy can keep pace with the needs of consumers better than ever before. Stream Energy is leading the transition to clean energy with the decline of traditional fuels.

Last year Stream Energy announced that they hired an executive vice president and financial officer to oversee Stream Energy. His name is David Faranetta. He oversees all accounting and financial operations for the company. This includes financial planning, accounting, taxes and treasury functions.

The company continues to grow and expand its service to customers. He has served in several leading position in the energy industry. He was CEO and financial officer for TXU Energy. This company had a 99% customer satisfaction rate and high employee morale when he worked there.

He founded an electricity generator and worked in key positions for a wholesaler called Luminant. Its revenue increase 6% while he worked there. He is excited about his new role with Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is located in several states. It has received many awards over the years for its energy services. It was recognized by Marketing Strategies International as as one of the top 10 electric providers in Texas.


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