Spirituality at the Center of Joseph Bismark’s Business

For a man whose life has been shaped around spirituality from a young age, it is no wonder Joseph Bismark, a founder and managing director of QI Group, accepted membership to the United Nations Global Compact Network. The UNGC is designed to be the biggest network of sustainable and responsible business initiatives. QI Group became a member during the 2015 Summit in Singapore, according to a recent article released through Yahoo Finance.
Companies who decide to become members of the initiative promise to use more sustainable methods and become more accountable for the responsible, humanitarian practices of their businesses. The businesses, which now includes QI Group, are encouraged to be transparent in their business practices when it comes to human rights, labour and environmental issues. Not only does the UNGC require businesses to be held accountable and to work on bettering their business when it comes to human rights and the environment, but they offer networking opportunities for like-minded individuals and businesses.
QI Group is a multi-national entity that works in various sectors including education, direct selling, retail and many others. The company was founded on the principles of Gandhi with the philosphy of RYTHM, which is the acronym of “raise yourself to help mankind.” A man at the center of these philosophies is Joseph Bismark.
Bismark was educated at an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. He traveled to the ahsram when he was 9-years-old and stayed until he was 17. Upon entering the corporate world, Bismark continued to use the spiritual wisdom he was taught. His open management style comes from his unique views on human life stemming from vedic philosophies. He also pursues a healthy lifestyle as a yoga instructor and martial artist.


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