Speaker, Radio Show Host & Real Estate Investor Jim Toner

Jim Toner is back in the news again and for good reasons. He has a new book on the market, and he is still seeing great results from his “12 Little Houses Plan.” This plan is an actual program that is designed to help people increase their odds of becoming a success in real estate investing. Toner has been on a mission for many years, and his seeds are starting to sprout. He’s a hard worker, but he doesn’t believe in working 24 hours per day. You have to give your body some rest as well as give your mind some rest. Jim Toner takes a 20-minute nap during his working hours. “Yes, It works for me,” said Toner.

In a sense, Toner is a real estate mogul. He has at least 25 years of experience under his belt, and he has a nice following of aspiring individuals. He’s a people’s person to the highest degree. This man also sticks with his core principles. “I don’t follow trends,” said Toner. He is more of an old school guy that sticks with firm fundamentals. “If someone comes to you with a new set of fundamentals, then you should definitely run,” said Toner. This real estate investor’s programs are user-friendly, which helps to make them even more popular. If there is one so-called trend that Toner enjoys, it would be podcasts. Podcasts are easy to use, are enjoyable and can be used for free. Toner has stated that if you find some good ideas from listening to podcasts, then you should run with them.

Would you believe that this guy is a philanthropist? This is absolutely correct because he has worked with homeless people as well as worked with veterans. Toner’s heart always seems to be in the right place. He has been nationally recognized for his philanthropic achievements, and he’s a member of the Pennsylvania Salvation Army branch. You will not find too many other real estate investors with this much clout in other sectors of business. (More info on his Facebook account).

Toner also works with a financial service provider that’s known as Private Client Group. Thanks to being so successful, his large client-base consistently has a waitlist put into place.

Find out other details about the entrepreneur and philanthropist Jim Toner: https://www.thejimtoner.com/meet-jim-toner

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