Slyce: Point, Shoot, & Shop

When Amazon came out with a feature on some of its latest technology that allowed shoppers to point their device at an item and immediately shop for it, consumers were all giddy. However, there are some limitations to this feature, such as products need to be in their original packing in order for the technology to recognize it. Amazon’s technology is a great concept, however, someone has managed to make it a whole lot better.

Introducing visual search through Slyce. Slyce, for those who are not already using their technology, is a start-up company out of Toronto. They are one of the top companies in the filed of visual search and recognition field. Slyce has taken Amazon’s concept in making the shopping experience for shoppers faster and more convenient and made it better.

Thanks to a lot of money that the company has managed to raise and to the purchase of Pounce, Slyce has been able to make the shopping experience even better. One of the main differences between what Slyce has done and Amazon is that there is no longer a packaging problem. Slyce’s technology is able to recognize a product without it being in its original package. It can recognize product no matter where it is which is a big plus for retailers and the consumer. Another plus to Slyce is that once a person scans an item, that item can be bought immediately.

Slyce, however, does not want to stop there. They want to advance on this idea by allowing consumers to be able to scan items and create gift registries. This will allow people to create a list that is complied of products from a variety of stores. To take this concept even a step further, Slyce wants its users to be able to receive coupons for those items which they scanned. They are going to raise the bar of shopping to a whole new standard.

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