Skout Encourages the Public to be Their Own Superheroes


When fiction meets reality, wonderful things happen. The global communications application, Skout, encouraged people to be their own superheroes on the day dedicated for such, April 28. In order to encourage this powerful behavior, the app promised to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay area for every superhero themed gift sent by users of the app. Until a wish was fully funded, these self-proclaimed heroes refused to give up their efforts.

In addition to the encouragement of this behavior, the company conducted a superhero poll, and were surprised to find that three out of four people identify a superhero as being somebody that helps others when there is no promise of a reward. Of course, those characters that everybody grew up with deserved some recognition, and when Skout asked who everybody’s favorite superhero is, the answers were fairly concise: The women loved Batman while the guys gave their affection to Superman.

“We’re proud to create an opportunity for our community to use our app to fund a wish for someone who could use a real life superhero,” said Christian Wiklund who is the CEO of Skout. Thrilled to conduct the survey, too, some more themed questions revealed some answers about the population of the United States. Most superheroes will give credit to those who help them, and most of them are nothing without their sidekicks. When asked who the best superhero BFFs were, half of America answered with Batman and Robin. While that was certainly no surprise, the rest of the population boasted of the Wonder Twins, the Thing and the Human Torch, and even the Green Hornet and Kato.

Of course, these super beings are nothing without their superpowers, and one out of three Americans agreed that the best power is that of immortality. Flying, speed, and strength fell closely in line, however. Other topics of discussion included the Batmobile being the best vehicle, and that a mask is a necessity for those super beings. Finally, nearly eighty percent of people wish they could possess superpowers, but Skout wants the public to know that they can, in fact, be their own superheroes.

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