Sheldon Lavin’s Success in the Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin’s success was not handed to him on a silver platter. Sheldon Lavin toiled and labored to get to where he is today. His successful career began in the banking industry where he was an expert investor and had a financial consulting firm. However, Sheldon’s career path changed when he joined the meat industry over 4 decades ago. Little did he know that this would lead to a successful career that many can only dream of. Learn More.

Sheldon and the OSI Group

Sheldon joined the OSI Group, then known as Otto & Sons, when it was merely a hamburger supplier for McDonald’s in the US. At first, he did it as a part-time thing since he was still working in the banking industry. However, his interest in the business grew and he joined the company fulltime towards the end of the ‘70s. For years, Sheldon worked alongside the Otto sons but they both left , and he was left in full control of the company. He is now the chairman of the board of the OSI Group and also serves as its CEO.The company has grown into a global company with nearly 20000 employees.It now has operations in North America, Taiwan, Europe, South America, the Middle East, South Africa, and Australia. OSI’s clientele has grown greatly but it still serves McDonald’s to date.


Sheldon Lavin has received numerous awards for the excellent performance of his business and for his participation in charitable activities. One of the most remarkable awards he received was the Global Visionary Award which he received in March 2016. The award is presented by the Vision World Academy in India, and recognizes people who have made it from humble beginnings in various fields. The OSI Group has also received numerous awards under his leadership. Contact With Sheldon .


Sheldon’s strong commitment to excellence is what has kept OSI going all these years. He is passionate about the company and values each and every one of OSI’s employees, hence the company’s outstanding performance. It takes a lot of courage to juggle all the responsibilities that Sheldon has on his shoulders. His hard work and resilience have truly paid off.


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