Securus wins spot among Stevie Awards finalists

Prison communications leader, Securus Technologies, has recently made it to the final three slots of the Stevie Awards. This means that, even if they don’t take top prize, they’re guaranteed at least a Bronze Award. With over 1,000 companies vying for the coveted final three spots, Securus has beat out tough competition to take its place among those few U.S. companies recognized as the absolute best in customer service and product excellence.

Securus makes its customers money

Securus is one of the few companies that can actually claim to be able to make many of its customers money. Prisons that have installed its VoIP telephony system, including the video visitation capability, have seen their revenues spike through the roof. This is because most prisons are able to take a small cut from the price of each outgoing call that is made. The enormous popularity of this service among inmates has seen prisons make tens of thousands of additional dollars per year, just from the video visitation system.

But apart from money, there are numerous other compelling benefits of adopting video visitation and VoIP telephone systems generally for prisons. The gigantic reductions in cost of VoIP versus public switched telephone networks are truly staggering. This drastically lowered cost can be passed on to the inmates placing the calls, allowing for those who would otherwise have gone years without speaking to family to rekindle and keep going those relationships from the outside world which give so much meaning to their lives.

Many studies have shown that prisoners who are able to stay in regular contact with those who formed part of their lives on the outside are far less likely to cause problems and violate rules. This, in turn, makes for an overall safer prison environment for everyone, including those charged with running it.

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