Securus Maintains High Integrity

When it comes to security breaches in technology, customers will usually try to stay as far away as they can. Global Tel Link has become a business that has managed to alienate customers because there are integrity breaches. I think that there is a lot of software out there for inmate communications, and I believe that Global Tel Link is going to take a hard hit and lose customers because of this breach.

Securus is a rising business that has managed to become an inmate communications leader. I have used the software over the years to make calls and video visitations, and this has become such a popular concept. The app has been downloaded for as many as 65,000 times, and it has been continued to become the app that more family members are using for communication.

I think that Securus has managed to make more customers happy because this organization been able to make things easier for communicating from home. I have been able to set up video conferencing, and it has been much more simplistic than trying to visit a prison. I hate the prison visits so I have made it a point to keep Securus as my primary prison communications app.

The thing that many people will realize about inmate communication is that a lot of the programs are very similar. I think that Global Tel Link was a strong competitor, but the integrity breaches have made it difficult for this company to gain new ground. I believe that Securus is bound to become the new leader in trailblazing innovative technology in prisons.

Securus has been able to build bridges for inmates and family members. I believe that this company has executives that have the insight to bring forth quality technology while keeping communication integrity in place.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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