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Sanjay Shah, an entrepreneur, has helped so many people through his charity surrounding Autism. At first, he did not know how to go about it until one day Snoop Dogg showed up at his house. He knew he wanted to find out more about the disease, but Sanjay Shah Denmark didn’t know where to start. With Dogg’s help, he has reached the hearts of celebrities and has taught them all about Autism. He has then used these societal figures as a way to reach others and to teach them about the disease. Sanjay Shah, a Dubai-based hedge fund manager, spent time with Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home with his wife and three children, brainstorming ways that they were going to help aid in more research for Autistic children.
The reason why Sanjay Shah is so dedicated to his Autism charity is because his youngest child, Nikhil, was diagnosed with Autism in the year of 2011. His idea was to use celebrities, like Snoop Dogg, to represent the charity and to help raise money for research. As founder of Autism Rocks, Shah overlooks the two new trustees and the charity to make sure everything that he imagineded is happening for these children and that it is being carried over into the soul of the charity.
Sanjay and his family feel personally connected to this charity and they want to make it fun for others, despite this horrible disease and what other families are going through, as they understand the struggle. There is a festival that rappers, such as Tyga and Flo Rida, come to in order to help raise money and awareness for Autism research. As the parents of an Autistic child, they started this charity wanting to find out more about the disease, but in a fun and loving way. Instead of sitting there and letting this disease affect his son, Sanjay Shah is trying to change the lives of everyone affected by Autism. He is trying to make a difference.

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