Ross Abelow’s Campaign To Help Strays

Ross Abelow has practiced law in New York City for many years. As a lawyer, he has worked with a multitude of different types of cases. He has worked in consort with another lawyer, Cassandro. Together, they have run the Abelow and Cassandro Law Firm. This law firm has worked with numerous different cases of civil law. He has specialized in several different areas of civil law. He has specialized in family law and also business law. He has seen many clients dealing with divorce and custody cases. However, he also serves to protect businesses from lawsuits, and go through various changes in corporate structure. However, he also has engaged in a unique form of philanthropy. This effort works to save animals that are homeless in New York City. He has sought donations from a website, called Go Fund Me.

Shelters in the New York City area and elsewhere are often short on money. This means that they can’t care for enough animals. As a result, there are numerous animals with no place to stay. This makes them vulnerable to the elements. In New York City this winter, the conditions were especially dangerous for them. The exceptionally cold temperatures of this past winter made the season extremely dangerous for the city’s strays. Additionally, homeless animals often have little to eat. Furthermore, these strays are vulnerable to many diseases, because they have no access to medical care. This is obviously a danger for the stray animals, but it also is a danger to the public. If a stray animal bites or scratches a person, this is considered a very serious health risk.

Ross Abelow’s campaign is going to give more money to the shelters. The increase in funding will enable the shelters to care for more animals. This will keep animals off of the streets, and it also will give them an opportunity to be adopted. Shelters will have funds to not only give more animals homes, but they will be able to keep them well cared for. This will mean they’ll have access to adequate medical care, food, and a warm place to live. Additionally, they will be able to seek permanent homes for them. This will hopefully connect more citizens with new pets, and it will help more pets to be on the adoption lists.

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