Rona Borre Discovers and Promotes the Secret Sauce

In 2001, Rona Borre formed her company called Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company located in downtown Chicago. She originally started the firm in a spare bedroom of her Chicago Condo where she and her dog Henry worked every day on the phone setting up appointments.

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Today Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, billing millions of dollars to Fortune 500 clients and others. Rona Borre delivers results, and that is what businesses want, someone that they can rely on to deliver quality. Dealing primarily with technology and finance hires, Borre finds out what the companies need and want in the way of people to hire, and then she and her staff work very hard to locate that special person, no matter where he might be located on the face of the earth.  More of this on

The system works well, as Instant access has a turnover rate of only 1% since the company was formed and they have been able to achieve a 3 to 1 interview to hire ratio. Results are where it all counts, and these results are among the best in the industry.

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