Rona Borre and Instant Alliance Lead The Way

Rona Borre could have done many things in life, but she started a company called Instant Alliance which is growing faster than most companies in the country. Instant Alliance is a staffing and recruiting company that places mainly financial and technological employees in companies that are on the grow.  More of this on

Formed in 2001 in a spare bedroom in Borre’s Chicago condo, the company is setting records as far as growth and reach in the staffing industry. Borre truly believes that a different approach was needed in the staffing industry to provide quality and reliability to clients. Her secret is relationships. The relationship between her staff and the client company is everything because if the person being hired doesn’t fit the culture of the client’s company, it won’t work.

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Her technique seems to have worked because the results show that Instant Alliance has only a 1% attrition rate of employees placed. Rona Borre also points out that there is a three to one interview to hire ratio with the hires that she put forward to her clients. These are amazing statistics, unheard of in the industry.


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