Rona Borre and her Magical Company Instant Alliance

Instant Alliance is a staffing and recruiting company in Chicago owned and operated by Rona Borre. Borre started the company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo in 2001, and it has become the top staffing company in Chicago for finance and technology professionals and one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation.  Related Articles here.

Borre saw that most staffing companies are missing it when it comes to one very important factor when it comes to hiring people for other companies. Most staffing groups lack the ability to form meaningful relationships with their clients. Everything is a numbers game, and Borre wanted to change that dynamic.

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Borre and her staff spend great amounts of time with the personnel and leaders of a client company to learn more about them and to find out what kind of employee they are looking for to fit into their corporate culture and objectives. Once that information is down on paper, Borre and her group find that special person no matter what. The results are where the money is because Borre and company have only a 1% turnover rate in all the years that they have been in business.  Know more about her, click

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