Roberto Santiago One of the Most Prominent Entrepreneurs in Brazil

Brazil is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and the boost in the economy has helped in the surfacing of many entrepreneurs in the last few years. One of the entrepreneurs that have risen to prominence in the previous few years is Roberto Santiago, who has successfully invested and ventured in many different sectors. Few of the sectors where Roberto Santiago has ventured are real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, the stock market, and more. One of his ventures for which he is mainly very famous is the development of shopping malls. Mangabeira Shopping Mall is the first shopping mall that he constructed, and it was one of the first such modern malls of its kind in the country. Roberto Santiago made no compromises in the development of the mall and ensured that its construction is at par with the modern and international standards. Soon after, Roberto Santiago developed yet another shopping mall by the name of Manaira Shopping Mall, which has become the benchmark in the shopping mall world in Brazil.


Manaira Shopping Mall by Roberto Santiago is one of the largest shopping malls in the country spread through 135,000 square meters and has all the modern facilities and features that a mall should have. Starting from the range of recreational activities and functions of a mall, it also has a bank, a school, a gymnasium, number of ATMs, and more. Roberto Santiago did everything possible in making Manaira Shopping Mall the most famous address in the city of Joao Pessoa, where it was located. From time to time, there are many new features added to the mall to ensure the Manaira Shopping Mall remains dynamic and continues to add a feel of newness for the visitors. The parking space of the mall has the capacity of holding over 3,000 vehicles, and that itself speaks a lot for the property and its scale. Some of the most prominent fashion brands have their store at the Manaira Shopping Mall.


One of the features of the Manaira Shopping Mall that is very popular with the adults and the kids alike is that it has 11 movie theatres and three of them have the 3D technology, which makes the movie watching experience even more surreal and immersive. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has a very extensive kid’s zone where there are many recreational activities for kids to immerse themselves in hours of fun. The parents can be sure that their children would love the kid’s zone and would spend a lot of time here playing with other kids under caring and vigilant supervision of ushers. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has an extensive food court that has a variety of cuisines to offer to the visitors, starting from the authentic Brazilian cuisine to American, English, Mexican, Indian, and more. The quality of dishes served is top notch and some of the best chefs in the country work here to ensure that the visitors are delighted.



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