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Richard Liu is a prominent tycoon in China and across the world. Despite his humble beginning Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to create his wealth earning billions. He is the CEO and the one that launched platform. Before the company was known as Jingdong which distributed various Magneto-optical products. It had 12 stores with thousands of employees to serve all clients at the individual level.

Richard Liu had previously served at Japan Life company as the director for both logistics and computer. He earned skills to run Jingdong company. In 2003, Jingdong company experienced downfall due to SARS outbreak. Most employees and customers stayed at their homes in fear of being infected. Richard Liu took this disadvantage optimistically and hence he founded Click Here to learn more.

Richard Liu was able to serve customers at their homes. Through the website, customers make an order of the goods they require, and within a short time frame, the goods are delivered. There are drones and robots to offer these products to ensure that the product reaches the customer on time and conveniently. All products at are of high-quality hence the customers have gained confidence in the company. supplies goods across the world in the US, London, Asia, Europe among other areas. In the future, Richard Liu has set aside technology, logistics, money, and resources to form joint ventures with other entrepreneurs across the globe. He has a goal to make the leading E-commerce business all over the world. he has also partnered with prominent companies including WeChat company.

During the Interview, Richard Liu stated that the people you tend to associate with could determine your legacy. Richard Liu associates himself with billionaire and entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative to formulate new ideas for the company. He also stated that his wealth is a resource of the society hence the need to work hard and give back to the community. He spends sometime in the desert to clear his mind and formulate new policies. Richard Liu is always devoted to his family set aside time with them as they are his greatest achievement.


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