Reasons Beneful’s Dog Food Products Count

What you eat is what you become, this case applies also to man’s best friend, a dog. If you are to maintain a healthy status of your dog then good nutrition should come handy. A diet that is well balanced will see your pooch maintaining a healthy weight, clean teeth, and glossy fur. Some of the health issues like itchy skin, hip stiffness and tract disorders are avoided through giving your dog a proper, healthy nutrition.

So as to ensure that your dog is receiving a proper nutrition, be on the lookout for some certain factors. Providing the pooch with enough protein and high quality ingredients that can be easily digested is advisable.

About Beneful

Beneful is a dog food brand that comprise of dry dog food, wet dog food and the dog treats. In 2012, it ranked among the most popular brands, which made it to generate annual revenues surpassing $1.5 billion. This brand was first brought in the market in 2001. Marketing was based on nutrition and appearance – it looked like contained pieces of beef and stew.

Beneful entirely produces dog food that include wet or canned food, dry food, and other snacks. The firm’s Healthy Harvest line of production, which was incorporated in June 2005, stood out as the first finest dry dog food of the company that featured soy the major protein source instead of meat. The meals prepared by Petco Beneful were introduced as of March 2006.

Why Beneful’s Products are the Best

The dog food produced by Beneful mostly contain nutrients rich in protein obtained from beef, fish, lamb and chicken. Protein is very essential for the development of your pet, hence it should always be present in every meal. Protein is what builds a healthy coat and development of strong muscles. Protein that are low-quality are mostly derived from bones and connectives tissues and consequently they have a low nutritional value.

The premium dog food processed by Beneful stand out in terms of quality and their ability to be easily digested. They also contain high amounts of nutrients that are usable. Once digestibility is improved, food is easily absorbed into the dog’s body making it have a high intake in nutrients.

Serve your dog with a Beneful’s bowl full of rich nutrition, and by doing so you will be providing your best friend with all the nutrients that are necessary for his daily growth. It is yummy and everyday healthy.



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