Qnet, Empowering Entrepreneurs and Encouraging Lawmakers

Qnet an e-commerce website focused on helping members establish their own direct selling business no matter where they are located. Qnet offers products in a variety of categories that the seller can provide to his or her customers depending on their needs and wants, these categories include: weight management, nutrition, energy, home care, personal care, educational products, holiday gifts, luxury and collectible goods, fashion accessories and communications. Qnet has been in business for 17 years in place a strong emphasis on the value-added goods.

The Qnet e-commerce website is designed to allow their members the maximum amount of flexibility in the products they sell, Qnet believes in the power of the individual to succeed if they work hard and take advantage of the high-level of support Qnet provides to entrepreneurs who promote the Qnet business and product portfolio. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to retail a variety of Qnet products designed to enhance the day-to-day lives of customers all over the world.

With this ethos in mind Qnet has become one of the leading direct selling firms in Asia provided business opportunities and more than 100 countries through their e-commerce platform. Qnet allows ordinary people to start to build their business with low overhead, through dedication and hard work Qnet’s independent representatives can become financially self-sufficient and raise the standard of living for themselves and their families.

Qnet has a strong belief in the value of its distributors believing that people are their greatest assets. Qnet knows the one thing all of their independent distributors have in common is an aspiration to become financially successful, with that in mind Qnet is dedicated to providing its independent representatives the education and tools needed to have a complete understanding of the products they sell and a solid education in Qnet’s business model.

Qnet has a corporate vision the leading global e-commerce company in direct selling and using that position of strength to positively influence the development of network marketing communities worldwide. The company’s goal is to provide entrepreneurial business opportunities was Qnet’s wife enhancing product line to help people achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Qnet can be found in the news encouraging countries such as India to develop a set of regulations and laws that are clear-cut regarding the governance of the multilevel marketing direct selling industry. The industry has led to large-scale self-employment in the India and Qnet executives feel such walls are necessary to protect the industry’s reputation. Zaheer Merchant the International Director of Corporate Affairs for Qnet has noted that other fast-growing Asian economies such as: Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan already have specific laws in place to regulate and facilitate direct selling.

Qnet continues to lead the way with its innovative products and powerful e-commerce platform and outstanding leadership.

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